You can save lives! (*update)

With the new “Schneckenkasse” in our surgery, we can work together to help provide suffering people with better medical care in many parts of the world. Because often it is not about a better life, but about bare survival.
Small contribution, big impact!

Dear patients,

Who would not like to be a “hero”, who does not dream of doing “something extraordinary”, standing on the front page of the “Sun”, becoming a “knight of the poor”, being a “Robin Hood of everyday life”? And somehow we are all “heroes of everyday life”, because we all strive to master our lives as well as possible. I am constantly touched by the stories of my patients as they try to fulfil their roles as mothers, fathers, friends, colleagues as well as possible, and to be “good people”.

And I am particularly pleased when patients tell me about how they see beyond their own everyday world and show compassion for unknown people, even for people who live far away in faraway countries and who are trying, just as themselves, to master their lives. Often under difficult conditions in conflict zones. Sometimes just a stone’s throw away from those places where we spend our well deserved holidays and marvel at the kindness of these people.

But we all can be “lifesavers”.

With a small amount of money that we may not even notice, children can be vaccinated against diseases, of which they still suffer from, or even die, for lack of medical help, nowadays.

For more than 40 years, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has helped people in need, victims of natural or man-made disasters, as well as of armed conflicts, without discrimination and regardless of their ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or political convictions.

I believe that MSF deserves my and your support, so I have set up a usterMed Schneckenkasse, where you can throw in your change for a good cause. With just one Swiss franc, a child can be vaccinated against meningitis or malaria or, with three Swiss francs, you can feed a malnourished child for a whole week.
So, if you like, then you may be a hero and save lives.

Update March 2017: The first 200 Swiss francs have been collected and transferred to the Médecins Sans Frontières. I thank all those who have fed our Schneckenkasse for a good cause and will of course continue to collect.


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