Managing Director Dr. med. Ulrich Baumann

Our managing director, anaesthesiologist and intensive care physician Dr. med. Ulrich Baumann has experience in many areas of medical operations and patient care. As the co-founder and medical director of the anaesthesia company Alphacare, he is also familiar with the economic side of medical decisions.

In his position at usterMed hno, therefore, he not only has a much broader view of everyday surgery than many other administrative leaders. His suggestions and decisions are designed to make life easier for the team as well as to provide patients with the best possible care. usterMed hno is the proof that both are possible in good balance.

Efficient, smooth work is possible every day thanks to the networking and interaction of all areas in our surgery. Here, the highest medical standards are met. Ergonomics and sustainability are paramount in the design of the surgery, supplemented by a certain “comfort factor”, of which Dr. Ulrich Baumann is responsible for and actively involved in shaping: This shows in warm colours, well-kept plants and tasteful decor.

Work areas of the managing director:

– overall responsibility of the surgery
– Clarification of legal issues, permits
– Finance, billing, new investments
– Personnel decisions in consultation with the medical management
– Purchase and organisation of the maintenance of computers and medical equipment
– optical design of the surgery rooms

High-quality medical care not only demands the doctor as a human, but also state-of-the-art medical technology.
Patients and staff should feel equally at home with us.

In the medium term, the surgery will take on another colleague in order to be able to respond even more flexibly to the appointment requests of our patients. All related questions and decisions are also in the hands of Dr Ulrich Baumann.