The whole human being at usterMed hno:
We work interdisciplinarily

It is very important to us that we are aware of our opportunities and also of the limitations of our possibilities as doctors. We transfer the possibilities of our work into everyday medical practice. However, it is important that the healing of our patients is not hindered or delayed by our professional limitations.

Therefore we examine again and again whether the relief or cure of a symptom can be achieved only through our knowledge and abilities. If not, we are happy to recommend a specialist colleague or others who can help. Here we would like to give you a brief overview.

ENT medicine deals with illnesses “of the head” and therefore our field intersects continuously with other disciplines. The neck with its access to the gastrointestinal tract and lower respiratory tract is also considered by various other medical specialities, such as gastroenterology and pneumology. We work near the eyes, but leave the diseases of the eyes to the ophthalmologists. When we examine the mouth, we also cover the field of expertise of dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons. Vertigo, balance disorders, neuralgia in the face, tumours in the area of the ear can often only be diagnosed and treated in collaboration with neurologists or neurosurgeons. Although cervical spine problems often fall into our area of expertise, rheumatologists and physiotherapists are also very specialised in dealing with these symptoms. Skin changes in the face, mouth, nose, ear, but also allergies team us up with dermatologists.

And there is the whole person with their general diseases, which often show a manifestation in the ENT area, but belong to the core competencies of the internists. Many ENT diseases are psychosomatic in nature and an expression of mental imbalance, which connects us with psychiatrists, psychologists and life counsellors. Sometimes we treat very old patients, sometimes children and sometimes typical pregnancy problems. And we are already in the process of collaborating with geriatricians, paediatricians and gynaecologists. Some patients have their own ideas about the cause and therapy of their diseases and rely on alternative healing methods rather than classical medicine and thus we are also confronted with alternative healing methods. And above all, it is the family doctor who knows the patient best.

I believe that every specialist has to work in an interdisciplinary manner, but I am convinced that the ENT specialist must take special care of this interdisciplinary approach, because he or she is especially exposed to it.

I like this challenge and I like this interdisciplinarity. Not only because it helps to provide the patient with the best possible support on their way back to health or in coping with their illness, but also because it enables me to broaden my knowledge and horizons.

We’re happy to help you find a doctor / therapist / consultant who can best help you along your path with your illness. To cope with it or to regain your health.